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Give your podcast the music it deserves.

Unlimited Music for your Podcast

It's your podcast, your world, your rules. Choose among a wide selection of royalty-free music & create the best sound moods for your audience. No matter what your podcast is about, we have the right tracks for you!

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$34.99 / month*
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* Monthly subscription (with automatic renewal). Cancel anytime.

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*For individuals and companies up to 150 employees only. Any use other than synchronisation and broadcast is not allowed - such as to resell the music to third parties.

What do I get?

  • Unlimited access to 250,000+ tracks

    Get access to all Jamendo tracks for the period of your subscription. The tracks can be used worldwide.

  • High quality downloads

    You can download top quality tracks by professional musicians, both as lossless and high quality compressed files! The following formats are available:

    FLAC, WAV, MP3

  • Certificate of ownership

    Get synchronisation and broadcast rights for your Podcast. You will get a certificate proving your right to use the music in your Podcast channel.

REAL royalty free music

  • No PRO fees
  • No royalties to be paid after purchase
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Playlist
  • History
  • You need an account to create playlists
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