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Our licences are surface area-based, so you pay only according to your needs. Once subscribed, you will get your certificate immediately.

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You get an unlimited access to our 33 radio stations right away. You can listen to the radio stations 24/7 on any computer, smartphone and tablet, or download them for offline use.

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It’s ads free, no interruption. 100% copyright clear music cherry-picked by music professionals.

Access to 33 radio stations. All rights included.

Trusted by over 15,000 retailers, hotels, gyms, and other businesses across the world.

Try the demos of the 33 radio stations to which subscriptions give you access

At Jamendo we take pride in providing great music, while preserving the rights of our artists. That’s why 50% of what you pay goes to them. Their music is sorted and the content of our radio stations is handpicked by our team of background music experts. Click on the images below to try out demos of our 33 radio stations.

Once subscribed, you can access your radios on any device using our application

  • or simply in your web browser

They use Jamendo's services too

  • "Jamendo allows me to save money while providing my customers with great chillout music. It's great to have the right music for that day just by pressing 'play' in the morning"

    Brook S.
    Owner of a lounge bar in France
  • "Being sucessful at running a business happens by satisfying your customers, and reducing costs. Jamendo's radio stations help me to do both at the same time."

    Travis N.
    Manager of 5 restaurants in the Portland area