Our Licenses

  • Perpetual

    Pay once, use forever
    Your license will never expire

  • Real royalty free

    No PRO fee
    No royalties to be paid after purchase

  • Official certificate

    Avoid claims, get an official ownership certificate!

  • Fair to the artists

    A good share of the revenues (up to 65%) goes to our artists.

Track licenses

save up to 20%

Track Packs

buy now, add tracks later

Unlimited catalog

How do track packs work?

  • Pay now, use later, for multiple, different tracks.

  • 1. Buy a Track Pack

    A track pack acts as a container, you buy an empty container without any tracks in it.

  • 2. Add a track

    As you browse the catalogue, you will get the option “GET LICENSE USING MY PACK” for each of the tracks. Click on it and you have the tracks you want.

  • 3. Use your music!

    Make your videos come to life by using the music most suited for your project. We have a collection of more than 200,000 tracks to choose from!

  • Contact us at
    if you want to have any questions!

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