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Tailor-made compositions

We create your unique sound identity & grant you perpetual, exclusive rights

We offer you:
A unique sound identity so you can stand out from your competitors

  • PRO fees exemption, 100% royalty-free music
  • Exclusive, perpetual rights
  • The expertise of our finest composers
  • 12-year experience in the music industry

Our 3 creative steps

  • Give us a brief

    Give us a complete description of the perfect track for your project

  • We handpick the right artist

    We choose from our very finest composers. You are involved in every step of the creative process

  • We deliver your creation

    You receive the original, uncompressed master file

Featured composer

  • Grégoire Lourme picture
    Grégoire Lourme


    Since 2004, Grégoire Lourme has been working with the producers and creating his tailor-made compositions for them. His music is orchestral and often epic and he boasts an impressive number of compositions. He is gradually establishing a musical library presenting audiovisual professionals with sound sources that meet to their needs.

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