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  • We give you access to the content of our 27 radio stations

    You get access to our finest tracks, handpicked and frequently updated by our music managers.

  • You adapt the selection

    Create customized playlists or radios for your customers to best fit their needs.

  • Your client gets a unique solution

    Provide your customers with the best royalty-free music while helping them save money.

How do we split the bill?

Set your own prices, cash the difference

What you charge your customers is up to you. The price you pay back to Jamendo depends on the surface area in which the background music will be broadcasted.

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  • Allow them to avoid paying fees to performance rights organizations and provide legal security to them thanks to our official certificate.
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  • Christmas

  • Best of

  • Cosy Café

  • Cool & calm

  • Pop

  • Fashion

  • Dance

  • Acoustic Chill

  • Pop-Rock

  • bouncy beats

  • Latin

  • Jazz

  • Lounge

  • Romance

  • Sunny

  • Evening Cocktail

  • Spa Garden

  • Deep Vibes

  • Serene Piano

  • Classical

  • Folk

  • Indie

  • action guitar

  • Urban Street Jam

  • World

  • Country & Blues

  • Nostalgia

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