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How do track packs work?

  • Pay now, use later, for multiple, different tracks.

  • 1. Buy a Track Pack

    A track pack acts as a container, you buy an empty container without any tracks in it.

  • 2. Add a track

    As you browse the catalogue, you will get the option “GET LICENSE USING MY PACK” for each of the tracks. Click on it and you have the tracks you want.

  • 3. Use your music!

    Make your videos come to life by using the music most suited for your project. We have a collection of more than 200,000 tracks to choose from!

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    if you want to have any questions!

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The up to 50% promotion is valid worldwide from Thursday, July 12th 00:00 CET/GMT +1 until Monday, August 13th at 00:00 CET/GMT +1 and applies to the following: all track packs in the Licensing Catalog ( The promotional code "SUMMERPACK18" will automatically be applied to your shopping cart if you click the website banner, giving you up to 50% discount off the original per single track price on the track pack(s) you add to your cart. The current discount displayed on the Track page is increased up to 50% if you click on the provided link or on the page banner. This offer cannot be cumulated with any of the previous, existing or future ones. For more information about Jamendo Licensing, please consult our Help Center or email us at

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