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How does licensing work?

  • Choose a license

    The license you need depends on your project - online only (youtube…) - TV - or videogame for example. Once purchased, you get immediate access to the audio files, as well as to your license certificate.

  • Synchronize

    You will receive high quality files (FLAC and WAV) that you can start using right away for your project. The rights required to synchronize the audio files to your projects are all covered by your license.

  • Broadcast

    Your project can be shared based on the coverage of the license you have chosen. The broadcasting rights required to make your project public are all included, and apply worldwide.

Why is Jamendo the right choice for me?

  • Great license

    • All rights included
    • Worldwide coverage thanks to our officially recognized certificate
    • Unlimited for the duration, your project can be broadcast or viewed as many times as you want
  • Great prices

    • 100% royalty free music
    • Save up to 90% of what you would pay to performance rights organizations
    • Supports independent artists, a fair share of what you pay goes directly to the composer
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